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Chef Joya

"I absolutely love Barvecue Naked! It’s super versatile and allows me to make so many dishes whether I’m substituting Beef, Chicken, or Pork... It takes on flavor really well and holds on to your sauces very well." Cooking With Joya

Chef Julia

"Lord these sheppie pies came out fabulously, y'all! That Naked BVQ takes and holds flavor beautifully and holds up to being baked texturally as well." Nourish

Chef Barry

"Creating delicious vegan food from our family to yours while supporting local family business is at the crux of what we stand for. Compassion, Community and Collaboration. Try our tamales at Sanctuary Bistro and try Barvecue! Delicious." - Jennifer and Barry Jones Horton, Owners of Sanctuary Bistro

Sharing the Love (in five words)

"10 out of freaking 10!!!"

"tried it for the mission"
"loved it for the taste"

"such a stellar, sustainable product!"

"Still can't believe it's plant-based"

"physically addicted to this stuff"

"cannot sing Barvecue praises enough"

"is better than ever - delicious"

"amazing innovative @barvecue plant-based meat"

"is so amazing & delicious"

"You knocked my socks off!"

"Can't wait to buy more!!"

"vegan, gluten-free and 100% delicious"

"How do they do it!?"

"don't know how to stop"

"Love everything you stand for!"

"This is the Real Deal!"

"Does taste just like barbecue."

"this truly was a gift"

"Super great alternative to barbecue!"

"Best BBQ ever!!! (Including meat!!!)"


"way better than I expected"

"It's messy, just like barbecue."

"Amazingly delicious, crowd pleasing food."

"Yall are some food wizards"

"Sheesh look at that texture"

"BBQ that is mouth watering!"

"don't want it to end!"

"BARVECUE won hands down, YUM!!!"
(after a barbecue vs barvecue challenge)

"There aren't enough positive adjectives..."

"There's nothing better than @barvecue"

"meat eaters love your products"

"better option than real meat"

"yeah, but the vegetarian one"
(when a son was asked if he wanted barbecue for dinner)

"Smoky, juicy, and delicious bbq!"

"Cannot wait to get more"

"we love, love, love Barvecue!"

"Lexington, you just got beat"

"Oh wow... definitely vegan Soulfood"

"We're in love with Barvecue!"

"We were all blown away."

"Was everything I hoped for!!"

"I absolutely love it!!! \m/\m/"

"Delicious!!! A total game-changer."

"Exceeded my expectations by far."

"Even meat lovers will enjoy."

"Barvecue is different, loved it!"

"Tastes better than pork BBQ."

"That sure was good, man!"

"Am blown away! Awesome BBQ!"

"Will please meat-eaters and vegetarians."

"Comfort food with a purpose."

 "I'll stop eating pork now."

"People will inhale this food."

"Plant-based cruelty-free goodness."

"Soooo good, I like it!"

"Can't even tell the difference"

"You have to taste this!"

"Swore off barbecue til now"

"Best barbecue I've ever had"

"Different from anything I've found!"

"Yummy replacement for pig meat!"

"A great trend going on"

"Appreciate you catering to vegans"

"So this is vegan, what?!?!?!"

"Number one thing I've missed"

"Delicious!!! No pigs got killed."

"That was pretty damn good!"

"No animals harmed and scrumptious"

"Flexi-tarian people would love this!"

"Gives vegetarians a tasty treat!"

"It's tasty enough for seconds!"

"Best ever, better than original."

"This was amazingly awesome deliciousness"

"That's SOME PIG," said Charlotte."

"Hard to believe it's vegan."

"You won't believe it's plants!"

"Great food, place and people."

"Congratulations! It's all quite sublime!"

"Wow this place is good"

"Delicious, healthy alternative for pork"

"Most mouthwatering, marvelous, meatless masterpiece!!"

"A wonderful addition to current cuisine"

"Great texture! Keep it simple"

"Lovely, satisfying, needed. Thank you!"

"Tasty, filling, and very delicious!"

"Best vegan BBQ I've had!"

"Not pork, but SO yummy!"

"Burnt End was my fave"

"Dem piggies like this stuff"

"5-outta-5 piggies approve"

"This is 'hog-gone' good!"

"Super awesome delicious vegan food!"

"Such a hospitable environment, amazing service."

"Very classy and very tasty."

"The most amazing BBQ ever."

"Could eat this all day."

"Had some Saturday... Absolutely fantastic!"