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Chef Joya

"I absolutely love Barvecue Naked! It’s super versatile and allows me to make so many dishes whether I’m substituting Beef, Chicken, or Pork... It takes on flavor really well and holds on to your sauces very well." Cooking With Joya

Chef Julia

"Lord these sheppie pies came out fabulously, y'all! That Naked Chopped takes and holds flavor beautifully and holds up to being baked texturally as well." Nourish

Chef Barry

"Creating delicious vegan food from our family to yours while supporting local family business is at the crux of what we stand for. Compassion, Community and Collaboration. Try our tamales at Sanctuary Bistro and try Barvecue! Delicious." - Jennifer and Barry Jones Horton, Owners of Sanctuary Bistro