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BVQ Sandwich

How can you go wrong with the classic Pulled or Chopped BVQ sandwich? You can't! Want to use your own special sauce? We gotcha covered with our Naked version of both products, just add whatever sauce you like. Watch Recipe Video

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BVQ Picnic

Sandwiches are great. But some like Barvecue as a main entree choosing to skip the bun altogether.

Burnt Ends

Spread Original Chopped BVQ on a baking pan, pop in oven at 350 degrees for 20-30 minutes and you have a scrumptious finger food. Watch Recipe Video

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Chick-Un Salad

No meat. No problem. This Chick-UN salad sandwich is the real deal. Watch Recipe Video

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Take our Naked BVQ, add your favorite Mexican herbs, spices & toppings and... voilà... the perfect way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo or Taco Tuesday.

Brunswick Stew

Traditionally made with pork barbecue, you won't miss the pork at all with this Brunswick Stew Recipe. Watch Recipe Video

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Collard Wraps

Pair these wraps with your favorite dipping sauce for a scrumptious & nutritious meal.

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Stuffed Potato Cakes

My, oh my! Gotta give these a try!

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Stacked Tostadas

What's better than a BVQ Tostada? BVQ tostadas stacked on top one another!

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