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Give Back

A key objective of the Barvecue mission is to build a company that cares about people, animals and our planet. This mission, coupled with our deep rooted passion for helping those most vulnerable, drives us to make giving back an essential element of our daily lives.

We pledge to seek creative, caring and respectful ways as a company to give our time, resources and money to support various nonprofit organizations of all sizes.

Since beginning our journey we have provided support to select nonprofits meeting our donation criteria. Habitat for Humanity, Angels in Need, Farm Sanctuary, Grateful Meadows, Changing Hearts Farm, Trew Love Sanctuary, Rescue Ranch, Cotton Branch Farm Sanctuary, The Nature Conservancy, and Autism Charlotte are organizations large and small we are proud to support. Moving forward we will implement projects and campaigns to further our efforts to give back. We will announce these campaigns and share the results along the way.