What is Barvecue?  A hand-crafted, plant-based barbecue. Pulled BVQ is great for sandwiches and Burnt Ends are a scrumptious finger food.

What does ‘plant-based’ mean? Only plant ingredients, no animal products. It is vegan.

What’s the ‘plant’? The main plant is soybeans.

What are the ingredients?  Barvecue is crafted in small batches using Non-GMO soybean protein; wheat and vegetarian seasonings. It is then basted with tantalizing Barvecue sauce and smoked “low and slow” over a select mix of pecan & apple wood. Check out our retail package labels for a complete ingredient list and nutrition facts. Product Information: Pulled BVQ

Is it vegan? Yes.

Is it gluten free? No, because it contains wheat.

Is it organic? No, but we are focused on using clean, transparent ingredients from quality sources.

Is it Non-GMO? And what does that mean? The main ingredient (soybean protein) is Non-GMO, which means it is not genetically modified. (GMO = Genetically Modified Organisms)

Is it healthier than pork barbecue? We do not make health claims about our products but we intend to provide nutritional info in the near future so that each person can compare and evaluate for themselves.

How much protein is in a serving? Check out our retail package labels for protein information and nutrition facts. Product Information: Pulled BVQ

What are your retail pick-up hours for online orders? M-F 11:30-6:00 (Closed Sat & Sun)

Where can I buy Barvecue? We offer take-out service from our Cornelius, NC facility. Orders can be placed in advance at Barvecue.com. You can also find a list of markets that carry Barvecue on our website.

How do I order it? You may place orders online at Barvecue.com.

Are you a restaurant? Do you serve sandwiches at Barvecue? Do you offer counter service? No, but we do offer some limited seating where you can enjoy our ‘sandwich kit’ take-out orders.

What items do you offer for pick-up (complete meals or just the BVQ)? We offer various sizes of Pulled BVQ and Burnt Ends, as well as Sandwich Kits.

Do you deliver? Not currently

How do I prepare/heat up Barvecue? Reheat in oven @ 350 degrees for 15-20 minutes or in microwave.

How long will it keep in the fridge? 5-7 days

Can I freeze Barvecue? Yes.




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