What is Barvecue?  A wood-smoked, plant-based barbecue. 

Barvecue® Pulled BVQ is a hand-crafted, wood-smoked delicacy with Original BVQ sauce. Great for the classic pulled barbecue sandwich or as main entree. Just like old school BBQ, but plant based.

Barvecue® Naked Pulled BVQ is lightly seasoned, wood-smoked Pulled BVQ with no added sauce. Add your favorite sauce or seasoning for awesome sandwiches, tacos, fajitas, smoked "chicken" salad, pizza topping, etc.

What does ‘plant-based’ mean? Only plant ingredients, no animal products. Barvecue is vegan.

What’s the ‘plant’? The Barvecue® protein blend includes whole soybean, textured wheat protein (Pulled BVQ only), and sweet potato.

What are the ingredients?  Check out our retail package labels for a complete ingredient list and nutrition facts. Product Information: Pulled BVQNaked Pulled BVQ

Is Barvecue vegan? Yes.

Is Barvecue Certified Plant Based? Yes, Pulled BVQ and Naked Pulled BVQ are Certified Plant Based by NSF. 

Is Barvecue gluten free? Pulled BVQ is not gluten free because it contains wheat. We plan to introduce gluten free Chopped BVQ in the near future.

Is Barvecue organic? No, but we are focused on using clean, transparent ingredients from quality sources. Some of the ingredients in our Original BVQ sauce are organic.

Is Barvecue Certified Non-GMO? Yes, Pulled BVQ and Naked Pulled BVQ are Non-GMO Project Verified. 

How much protein is in a serving? Check out our retail package labels for protein information and nutrition facts. Product Information: Pulled BVQNaked Pulled BVQ

What are your retail pick-up hours? We offer walk-in pick-up of our frozen retail products M-F 1:00-5:00 (Closed Sat & Sun)

Where can I buy Barvecue? Reference the store mapper under Where to Buy on our web site, order online from VeganEssentials.com or we also offer pick-up of our retail products from our Cornelius, NC facility. 

Are you a restaurant? Do you serve sandwiches at Barvecue? Do you offer counter service? No, but you can pick up our retail products M-F 1:00-5:00 PM.

How do I prepare/heat up Barvecue® Pulled BVQ and Naked Pulled BVQ? Thaw in refrigerator. Remove from package. Heat in oven or stovetop to internal temperature of 165 degrees F. 

How long will Barvecue® Pulled BVQ and Naked Pulled BVQ keep in the fridge? 3-5 days.

Can I freeze Barvecue® Pulled BVQ and Naked Pulled BVQ? Yes.




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